Olympus Development Group is a real estate investment and development firm, serving neighborhoods with the most potential in Tennessee. Olympus Development Group began in remodeling, finding success in transforming houses, selling them quickly, and earning substantial returns for our partners. As our expertise in the many aspects of this business flourished, our interests shifted to the world of new construction. Now, we have blended our remodeling success with the complex, intricate world of new builds.

Investing in new neighborhoods has a two-fold goal for us: to produce consistent returns for investors while impacting and transforming the communities where we work and beyond.


Our team aims to exceed expectations of Tennessean residents, partners and nationwide investors - by providing excellent quality and a community to call home, generating significant returns for our investors and creating an exceptional Olympus experience.

Why Tennessee

Nashville is nationally recognized as a cultural hub, attracting those who want a bit of Southern charm and a laid-back country lifestyle in the heart of a big city. The steady stream of new businesses, restaurants, and attractions in the area is in response to the growing number of people who travel to the area and, eventually, want to call it home. We believe Nashville will continue to see a massive transformation.


The founders Joséphine Saffert and Matthew Phillips founded Olympus Development Group in 2017 with the mission of transforming neighborhoods in Middle Tennessee. Both experienced much success specifically in the urban core of Clarksville and are now expanding to Nashville. Olympus Development is committed to investing in our Tennessean communities and is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives by striving for deals where everyone wins.


Growth and Profitability

Led by driven partners, Olympus Development Group has demonstrated its ability to identify, acquire, own and sell properties that provide a profitable exit. With a substantial portfolio, the partners of Olympus have had a remarkably successful track record of growth and profitability. We are very proud of our clean track record of positive returns for our investors and relish our position within the marketplace to capitalize on investment opportunities in the future.

We are looking forward to expanding the Olympus Development Group-Team with the best and brightest minds in the industry. We feel very strongly that our company can and will continue to redefine excellence in residential real estate in Middle Tennessee. We believe that our commitment to social responsibility and unsurpassed customer service is what set us apart from our competition and have allowed us to become the company we are today.


We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics and give each of our investors the personal attention we believe they deserve.

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