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Why Invest in HPR Real Estate?

If you invest in real estate but haven’t looked into horizontal property regimes (HPRs) yet, opportunity is knocking! Retirement-focused wealth builders, like you, have a great chance to increase the value of their investment portfolios and self-directed IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) by taking a look at what the millennials are up to.  So what are the millennials doing? They’re buying houses! In fact, millennials (people born between 1980–98) are the largest... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Friday, Jun 21

Get to know Chestnut Hill, Home to our Chestnut Square Development

Chestnut Hill is a thriving, up-and-coming neighborhood located just 5 minutes from downtown Nashville, TN. This hub of new renovation and local favorites is home to our new four home residential development, Chestnut Square. The Chestnut Square development began in January 2019 and aims to be complete in September 2019. Our homes feature modern residences in two attractive styles. Apollo, with designs based on Nashville comfort and vibrant finishes, and Zeus, contemporary... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Wednesday, Apr 10