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Get to know Chestnut Hill, Home to our Chestnut Square Development

Chestnut Hill is a thriving, up-and-coming neighborhood located just 5 minutes from downtown Nashville, TN. This hub of new renovation and local favorites is home to our new four home residential development, Chestnut Square. The Chestnut Square development began in January 2019 and aims to be complete in September 2019. Our homes feature modern residences in two attractive styles. Apollo, with designs based on Nashville comfort and vibrant finishes, and Zeus, contemporary... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Wednesday, Apr 10

Best Cities to Live In the US for Veterans: Clarksville, TN Edition

A Veteran is anyone who serves in the Military. As soon as you fulfill your military commitment, you become a veteran.  Whether you are as young as 21 yrs or as old as 96 yrs, if you have served; you are a veteran. Clarksville, TN has created a community that serves Veterans throughout their lives. The specialized programs and resources for this very deserving community include health care services, education, and employment opportunities. Access to... Read More
Posted by Matt Phillips at Monday, Oct 15

Homebuyers Guide: What you need to know about the VA Loan

At Olympus Development Group, we feel everyone is deserving of securing a home, especially our Armed Forces members. We understand the importance of home buying military entitlements available to those who are and have served in the United States Armed Forces. Our team created this Homebuyers Guide filled with links directly to the documents needed to secure the Veterans Affairs Loan you have sacrificed for and earned the right to use.   The Veterans Affairs Home Loan (VA Loan)... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Friday, Sep 14

The Clarksville, TN Housing Market: An Inside Look for Millennial Home Buyers

More and more millennials are choosing to buy homes. Wait, before we get started we have to answer the age-old question: “Where should I live?” Unlike the generations before them, millennials are faced with returning to school, a competitive job market, and becoming post-graduates during a recession. Owning a home provides a wealth building tool that many millennials are deciding they need and want to add to their financial portfolio. According to data gathered from the National... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Monday, Jul 2