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How Middle Tennessee Opportunity Zones Take Your Investment Further, Tax-Free

You’re smart to be thinking about Opportunity Zones as a tax-free investment for capital gains. But the smartest money would be on local investment, right here in Middle Tennessee.  In fact, it’s a great time to be in Nashville, ranked last year as one of the top 20 places to live in the United States by U.S. News and World Report.¹ With a consistently strong job market and a good quality of life, it’s no wonder we’re one of the fastest-growing metro... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Thursday, Aug 8

Olympus Expands to Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the comeback kid of Tennessee and the definition of a city on the rise. Located in the South-East of Tennessee, the city boasts an astonishing outdoors scene, revitalized infrastructure, and a vast emphasis on education and culture. Chattanooga is a hot-spot, and we’re not missing out - a recent expansion in our portfolio led us to invest in our first property there this past May. A Serene, Green Community Chattanooga is now ranked among the top 100 best places... Read More
Posted by Matt Phillips at Tuesday, Jul 16

Why Invest in HPR Real Estate?

If you invest in real estate but haven’t looked into horizontal property regimes (HPRs) yet, opportunity is knocking! Retirement-focused wealth builders, like you, have a great chance to increase the value of their investment portfolios and self-directed IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) by taking a look at what the millennials are up to.  So what are the millennials doing? They’re buying houses! In fact, millennials (people born between 1980–98) are the largest... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Friday, Jun 21

Opportunity Funds vs 1031 Exchange: Which Offers Better Tax Benefits to Investors?

For real estate investors, the investment vehicle known as a 1031 Exchange has provided one of the most appealing tax breaks on the market. But a recently introduced program called Opportunity Zones has presented new tax benefit options that are turning the heads of investors.  The program allows investors to join an Opportunity Fund to receive similar tax breaks to that of a 1031 Exchange; however, there is one distinguishing feature of an Opportunity Fund that is particularly... Read More
Posted by Matt Phillips at Thursday, Feb 21

Keynote: Opportunity Zones—Eliminate Capital Gain Tax and Help Underdeveloped Areas Shine!

Are you an active investor? Then you don’t want to miss this! Olympus Development Group, a real estate and development firm serving the Nashville area, is presenting a keynote on the recently-formed tax incentive for investing in Opportunity Zones. The keynote will be hosted by Keller Williams Real Estate at 30 Burton Hills Blvd #400, Nashville, TN 37215 on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, from 6–8 pm. About Opportunity Zones Opportunity Zones are rural, suburban, and urban... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Friday, Jan 25

Benefits and Challenges of Investing in Opportunity Zones

As with any new investing structure, the latest initiative called Opportunity Zones might have you wondering if it’s worth including in your investing portfolio.  Maybe you’ve heard how Opportunity Zones offer exciting tax incentives to help boost economic growth in underdeveloped communities. The incentives involve a temporary tax deferral (until 2026 at the latest) on Original Capital Gain that you invest in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF). Here’s how this plays... Read More
Posted by Matt Phillips at Thursday, Jan 24

What Are Opportunity Zones and Why Invest in Them?

Active investors who watch for the latest investment opportunities increase their potential to make higher profits. One of these opportunities can be found in the recently-formed tax incentive for investing in Opportunity Zones, which was initially established by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22, 2017. What Are Opportunity Zones? Opportunity Zones (OZ) are rural, suburban, and urban areas identified by the government as “underdeveloped” and therefore allow you to use... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Thursday, Nov 8

Horizontal Property Regime - HPR 101

As a real estate investor, staying on top of real estate trends can help you make decisions that drive you past a mediocre retirement to wealth that lasts for generations. If that’s important to you, then one of the latest trends you should know about is horizontal property regimes. Horizontal property regimes (HPR) are popping up in rapid-growth areas like Nashville, TN. According to the Metropolitan Planning Department of Nashville, the amount of local HPR developments have... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Monday, Aug 20

How Does a Self-Directed IRA Work?

Does the thought of opening a self-directed IRA feel scary or complicated to you? Some people miss out on the massive return potential of a self-directed IRA because they don’t understand how it works. But if you learn how a self-directed IRA works and how to open one—you’ll be equipped to take massive steps toward the retirement of your dreams. The first thing to know about how a self-directed IRA works is that you’re responsible for making it happen. It gives... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Monday, Jun 11

Self-Directed IRA: What Is It?

When you work hard, you expect to see big results. That’s why some investors aren’t satisfied with building their retirement income by following the usual IRA method. They want to create long-lasting wealth for their family. For higher expected returns, qualified investors turn to the self-directed IRA. A self-directed IRA is a retirement savings method that allows you to choose the investing direction and opens up unique investing options that aren’t available... Read More
Posted by Josephine Saffert at Sunday, Jun 10