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Get to know Chestnut Hill, Home to our Chestnut Square Development

Chestnut Hill is a thriving, up-and-coming neighborhood located just 5 minutes from downtown Nashville, TN. This hub of new renovation and local favorites is home to our new four home residential development, Chestnut Square.

The Chestnut Square development began in January 2019 and aims to be complete in September 2019. Our homes feature modern residences in two attractive styles. Apollo, with designs based on Nashville comfort and vibrant finishes, and Zeus, contemporary styling with all the expected modern design elements built in.

Chestnut Hill Delivers Nashville Local Flavor in Spades

New renovations in a historically stocked area, lay the perfect foundation for the blossoming neighborhood Chestnut Hill claims today. There’s an endless list of reasons why we’ve chosen this neighborhood. Local businesses like Bastion, Falcon Coffee Bar and Track One claim a neighborhood buzz, and the introduction of exciting new projects like a neighboring new Major League Soccer stadium, all encompass what we see as the perfect package for the ideal community.

Other neighborhood fixtures include Trevecca Nazarene University and The Fairgrounds – an entertainment complex that hosts events like VegFest, The Nashville Flea Market and the Middle Tennessee Reef Show. On the topic of The Fairgrounds, one thing to look forward to in the area is the 2020 Nashville Fairgrounds Stadium, planned to be the home for Nashville SC, a future Major League Soccer expansion franchise.

Chestnut Hill Local Business Spotlight

Whether it’s a hang-out spot you’re after, or somewhere to grab a bite to eat, the area has it all. Within walking distance from the Chestnut Hill neighborhood, Wedgewood-Houston is one of Nashville’s fastest developing areas.

Point of Interest: Houston Station

Houston station is a large commercial use building in the area that houses dozens of local companies, including the must-visit Hemingway’s bar and Americano Coffee Lounge.

Other local favorites include Royal Circus, Jackalope Brewing Company and Fork’s Drum Closet.

Where is Chestnut Hill Relative to Downtown Nashville?

The Chestnut Hill neighborhood is a 15-minute drive from Nashville’s airport and less than a 10-minute drive to the famous Broadway and Printers Alley. Chestnut Hill is the prime location with easy-to-reach destinations and quick access to the city’s largest interstates.

Chestnut Hill is the backyard of Wedgewood-Houston. Residents of our Chestnut Square community will get the same benefits as the Wedgewood-Houston community; housing that appreciates at the same rapid rate but at a more affordable price and close proximity to Nashville’s hottest spots!

Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Vibes

Chestnut Hill is an urban neighborhood, with vibrant new developments – many new construction homes have been erected in the past decade, with a variety of styles encompassing both historical elements, and more modern finishes. We’ve designed our Chestnut Square developments to house both traditional and contemporary styles, offering a variety that only seems fitting in a neighborhood that is so diverse.

This is a new era for the Chestnut Hill area. As developments and the neighborhood continue to grow there are many reasons folks want to call this area home. The Olympus team is very excited to be a part of the beautiful community of Chestnut Hill at such an exciting time.

Contact our team if you are interested in the area, and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

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