Tuesday, Jul 16

Olympus Expands To Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the comeback kid of Tennessee and the definition of a city on the rise. Located in the South-East of Tennessee, the city boasts an astonishing outdoors scene, revitalized infrastructure, and a vast emphasis on education and culture. Chattanooga is a hot-spot, and we’re not missing out – a recent expansion in our portfolio led us to invest in our first property there this past May.

A Serene, Green Community

Chattanooga is now ranked among the top 100 best places to live in America.¹ The river-city was once labeled “the dirtiest city in America” but is now well known for its transformation to a national model for clean air.² With more than 50 city and neighborhood parks, trails and green spaces, there is quick and easy access to outdoor living and recreation.³ Many signature mountains and lakes reside within hiking-distance of each other, and if it’s a thrill you’re after, the menu of outdoor activities make Chattanooga an impressive playground for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Albeit, if you’re a lover of peace and quiet, the city equally offers spades of tranquil environments through well-manicured trails and picturesque scenes of rolling green hills. 

A Bang for Your Tennessee Buck

Affordability and high quality of life – a rare combo, but mastered in Chattanooga and its surrounding communities, as the cost of living is below the national average.4 Not only do locals take advantage of the natural attractions, but the affordable entertainment options turn Chattanooga into a city that has culture and an urban vibe that millennials crave. Reasonably priced shopping and dining options twinkle in the galaxy of social recreation and don’t forget the diverse agenda of ‘Nooga nightlife. With its growing job market and blossoming entrepreneurship scene, business is ripe. As a bonus, Chattanooga’s outdoor characteristics easily encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Gig-City: Chattanooga’s Growing Economic Development

2010 saw a technology evolution when Chattanooga’s electric power board premiered the fastest internet service in the country.(5) The Wifi throughout the city and speedy internet mean Chattanooga has become a tech-hotspot, and with more and more millennials moving to this revitalized city, the property market is peaking. 

Companies like Bellhops and the world’s first Coca-Cola plant are based in the city, and many new start-ups make for a thriving economic development scene. The Volkswagen plant, a Chattanoogan landmark, is only a mile away from where we’ve invested, and most of the City’s amenities are within easy reach. Chattanooga bursts with opportunity and has more than the basics to satisfy and fulfill both personal and work-life. 

Why Invest In Chattanooga?

Chattanooga in itself is a city that holds potential for both investors and it’s community: Investors reap the benefits of claiming a place in a hot market; as Chattanooga’s amenities continue to retain home occupiers at a more than steady pace. Neighboring Nashville has been a booming investment market for a while, and Chattanooga is also benefiting from this trend. The investment market seeks less competition, yet offers desirable returns, and investors are finding value in Chattanooga’s rental and flip market.(6)

Having expanded from the Clarksville and Nashville area, we’re finding a whole list of pros that support our decision to invest in this progressive city. Being within three hours of more than ten million people is a bonus too – accessibility and livability, Chattanooga is well rounded.

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