Our team members – sharing expertise in the financial, legal, tax, sales, and technical aspects of the real estate market – all came to the same conclusion: there has to be a smarter way to invest in real estate.

How Do Our Investments Work?  

Olympus Development Group operates on a portfolio business model, where investors are part of a capital commitment period for 12+ months or a specific project. By accepting direct investments, we are able to begin construction and renovations quickly, taking advantage of the most sought-after and growing areas.

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Our team manages each piece of the real estate development puzzle. Unlike most investments, we control nearly every step within our model:

  • Identification
  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Exit


Through each step of the process, our investors are engaged and informed. Upfront, we offer a double-digit, fixed interest rate with security of principal by our properties. Since we accept direct investments, these investments are not governed by the SEC, resulting in higher returns.

A direct investment means investors own the underlying collateral with a deed of trust – the physical piece of real estate, which you can visit and touch – so the risk of investors’ principals are hedged.

Investors move forward with us confidently, knowing that their returns are high, risks are negligible, and properties are secured.

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