What Do We Offer Investors?

The opportunity to participate in the significant value, growth and income real estate investing delivers.

  • A promissory note stating the deal
  • Safety of principle through collateral
  • Solid and reliable management
  • Excellent double-digit returns
  • No management fees
  • Flexible investments
  • Tax-deferred investments through self-directed IRAs

What's Required To Invest?

Investment capital for upcoming projects

Capital commitment period of at least 12 months

A lasting relationship with us, sharing a common vision to improve communities

In the end, our investment strategies benefit families – the families who move into our homes, and the families of investors who receive returns that secure their future.

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Who Qualifies to Apply?

You should apply to join our investor-network if you:

  • Are an Accredited Investor
  • Seeking to diversify your current portfolio
  • Looking for outstanding consistent returns
  • Are looking to be part of an impactful real estate investment

To qualify as an investor, whether as an individual or corporation, we consider the following criteria as guidelines.

Accredited investors typically have:


A gross income of $200,000; or, if you are married, $300,000 or a net worth of $1 million or more, not including your primary residence. 

Corporations or Institutions

Various organization may qualify as accredited investors including individual or business trusts, partnerships, LLCs, or a group of individuals who are also accredited investors – in most cases, asset requirements start at $5,000,000.*

*The full definition of an entity that qualifies as an Accredited Investor can be found under Regulation D, Rule 501, of the Securities Act of 1933.

Curious about whether you or your organization should apply?

We would love to discuss more with you, and determine if this investment offering is for you. Contact Us

Accredited Investing Through Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

An additional method of investing with the Olympus Development Group is through a self-directed IRA. By using a self-directed IRA as your investment vehicle, can chose to directly invest in real estate. Self-directed IRA investors get the same tax deferment options as traditional IRAs in addition to having more control over the investment. With this option, the first thing to note is your IRA cannot purchase property you own as the IRS prohibits “self-dealing” transactions. This is why our accredited investing option through self-directed IRAs was created. Investing with Olympus allows your IRA to purchase mortgage or promissory notes and secure your investment with collateral such as a deed of trust. This is a great option for building long-lasting wealth for your family and retirement investments where you are looking for higher returns. We are happy to provide more information about self-directed IRAs.

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